Career Profile

Mechanical engineer expert in structural dynamic analysis, static analysis, & product development of primary structures/orbital transfer vehicles. Experienced with small satellite design. Open to work - contact me for contract work


Senior Structural Dynamics Engineer

2021 - 2023
Spaceflight Inc - Seattle, Washington

Lead structural engineer responsible for the structural dynamics analysis & vibration campaigns of various payloads for Rideshare satellite launches. Developed various tools in Python or Matlab to post process data from FEMs & allow initial sizing by design engineers based on industry standards Responsible for the structural substantiation and product optimization for the sherpa program orbital transfer vehicles (OTV). Consultant for customer vibration test campaigns including pre-test analysis, generation of notches for response limiting/force limiting schemes, accelerometer placement and post-test analysis/FEM correlations.

  • 2 OTVs succesfully designed,optimized and launched currently performing nominally in orbit
  • Over 10 customer payloads succesfully deployer and in orbit performing nominally in orbit
  • Over 10 vibration test campaigns

Structural Engineer III

2018 - 2021
Boeing - Renton, Washington

Structural engineer responsible for the structural analysis of composite and metal components supporting both the primary and secondary airframe structure and interiors arrangements. Responsible for the creation of FEM models using Patran/Nastran, hand calculations, material selection, trade studies/test, fatigue/static analysis, and failure mode determinations/mitigation.

  • Developed a python program to optimize the analysis and documentation of interior components. This effort yielded a net gain of 715 engineering hours by reducing evaluation time to substantiate low loading interiors components from several days to 20 minutes.
  • Net savings of over $2,000,000 per year for incorporated design changes.
  • Programs supported: 737, VC25B PAR (Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization), NMA (New Midsize Airplane)

Structural Design Engineer

2016 - 2018
Boeing - Renton, Washington

Mechanical design engineer for primary structures on the empennage team. Led the design, manufacturing/procurement, and implementation of composite/metal components supporting the airframe empennage. Created 3D models and drawings using CATIA, managed the drawing release process, conducted trade studies to optimize existing structure for weight and cost, and coordinated with suppliers and production floor to integrate new designs.

Skills & Proficiency




Dynamic analysis

Static analysis